GoFit 20-Pound Blue Kettlebell Review – Vinyl Coating and Iron Core Training DVD

Kettlebells Review

Kettlebell With Vinyl Coating and Iron Core.

Kettlebells are one of the newest trends in home fitness and for a very good reason – they work.

The past few years have seen the rise of common sense exercise equipment that does not require half a room to store, does not need a 30 minute infomercial to convince you to buy it, and does not fail to deliver on what it promises.

  • COATED TEXTURE FOR EASY, COMFORTABLE GRIPPING: Non-slip grip for complete control. Durable rubberized coating is color-coded by weight and easy on your wood or smooth surfaces
  • CHALLENGE YOUR BODY FROM ALL ANGLES: GoFit Kettlebells, the dynamic training tool that delivers an intense workout that can be done in half the time of a traditional workout, while producing twice the results
  • IDEAL FOR ANY AGE OR GENDER: The wide range of weights is ideal for anyone wanting to improve fitness
  • IMPROVE YOUR FORM AND POSTURE: Kettlebell training is a very effective way to help you achieve your goals
  • TRAINING DVD INCLUDED: We have a Included a complimentary training DVD with Brook Benton.

Exercise has always been pretty simple – just move.

Adding resistance to your movement increases the level of the exercise.

But instead of using simple devices like kettlebells and resistance bands to get their workouts people resorted to weird diets and gimmicky devices that promised to make exercise easy.

Bad news – if you ain’t sweating you ain’t exercising. You can’t make exercise “easy”, that negates the whole point. However you can make exercise comfortable, fun, and effective and that is what kettlebells and resistance bands do.

It shouldn’t take longer to set up your exercise equipment than it does to actually exercise!

The GoFit 20 Pound Blue Kettlebell with Vinyl Coating is a great starter kettlebell for anyone wanting to get started tone their body and help strengthen their core.

Kettlebells look weird for a reason, they are not designed to be perfectly balanced, they are designed so that you smaller muscles are always working to balance the kettlebell, strengthening them as well your larger muscle groups.

If you are already in pretty decent shape, then you might want to go with a heavier kettlebell from this same product line.

The GoFit 20 Pound Blue Kettlebell with Vinyl Coating.

Comes with a training DVD to show you the most effective ways to use your new kettlebell and an exercise booklet for when you don’t have a DVD player handy.

GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped Kettle Bell with Introductory Training DVD

Kettlebells are small and easily stored in a close, drawer, or under the bed. Kettlebells are not a piece of equipment you will always be stepping over or around.

Product Description

The GoFit Kettlebell is constructed of solid cast iron as one piece including the body and handle. Then each kettlebell is vinyl-dipped for a thick, durable rubberized coating that is color-coded by weight and easy on your floors. The handle is texture-sanded and painted with a two-tone gloss coat that is perfect for gripping and comfortably smooth.

From the Manufacturer

GoFit 20-Pound Blue Kettlebell designs and produces fitness gear and training for a “total home-fitness solution,” helping real people get real results. Since its beginning, GoFit has integrated quality fitness products with professional training so people can live fit lives. Believing that “knowledge is power”, our focus remains on combining superior, innovative products with world class instructional content from top experts in fitness, nutrition, health and wellness. We target a fit lifestyle with a full range of products for core training, weight resistance, muscle pain management, yoga, sports performance and more. GoFit enduring vision is to get the right product with the best training, into the hands of people who are ready to make a change. Ready to live an active, GoFit life.

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